Suspension House Fitness combines TRX® Suspension Training, Boxing and various other activities to ensure you are able to get a great workout in a fun and excitingly new way. If you have been inspired to give TRX® BoxFit a try, learn from the experts at Suspension House.

Tracy Green

TRX Group Training Certified
PrimalFit Certified Coach
CPR Certified


Coach Tracy Green is a former Teacher, High School Head Football Coach, personal trainer and group trainer. He has spent his entire adult life teaching and coaching others to be successful. Ten years ago he opened TheFactory Elite Fitness which has been very successful and responsible for changing and impacting thousands of lives.

Within the last three years he’s recognized a gap in the fitness industry in training facilities that are dedicated to low impact training and particularly TRX® Suspension Training.  In January of 2017 he started carrying out a years plan to open Suspension House Fitness by ordering and storing the equipment until it was the right time to implement this dream.

Through extensive research, experimentation in group training classes and getting TRX® Group Training Certified he came up with TRX Fusion. A training style committed to body weight and core strength training by bringing together a fusion of several training modalities focused around the TRX® suspension trainer.

Coach Green's driving force in creating Suspension House Fitness was, what can I create of value and present to the fitness industry that will impact and improve peoples health and fitness, Suspension House Fitness.

Jessica Locke

TRX Group Training Certified

 TRX® BoxFit Coach
PrimalFit Certified Coach
CPR Certified



Jessica was a stay at home mom for 15 years before coming to TheFactory Elite Fitness in early 2016. She moved through each program over the course of her first year and eventually became a PrimalFit Certified Coach where she trains the PrimalBlast classes at TheFactory Elite Fitness in Suisun, California.

Using her athletic background from her early years as a Nationally ranked Track & Field and Cross Country athlete and learning from her coaches, Tracy Green and Howard Berry, Jessica has found her passion in the fitness world and now works to train others.

She is very excited to be one of the first coaches at Suspension House Fitness and is looking forward to helping an even more wide range of people achieve their fitness goals.

Alissa Rhodes





Alissa has been involved in fitness for as long as she remembers. Her passion began at an early age as she grew up playing sports, and even played competitive level soccer for over 10 years. Alissa focused her undergraduate studies in Athletic Training and had the opportunity to work with many collegiate athletes.

In 2015 she came across TheFactory Elite Fitness and was hooked after her first class. Her passion transitioned from Athletic Training into Fitness Coaching, and she was thrilled when asked to coach the PrimalBlast class at TheFactory Elite Fitness in Vacaville, CA by owner, Tracy Green.

Alissa has participated in multiple challenges through TheFactory Elite Fitness and has moved through each program. She is excited to bring her passion to Suspension House Fitness and help you reach your fitness goals, no matter what level you are currently at.

Howard Berry





Howard Berry is a former high school and collegiate football player who has also coached and mentored high school athletes in football, girls basketball, and girls softball. He believes that group training is similar to coaching team sports and requires a supportive team mentality.

Howard was brought to the world of fitness by owner and founder, Tracy Green, of both TheFactory Elite Fitness and now Suspension House Fitness. His passion is to help others change, whether it be physically, mentally or both. 

Howard has been coaching group fitness classes for over 10 years at TheFactory Elite Fitness. He has trained and learned various training styles such as traditional strength training, full body conditioning, primal fitness, and now, suspension training. Howard looks forward to meeting and helping you.

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Vacaville Studio:

47 Union Way Ste E

Vacaville, CA 95688

(ajacent to TheFactory Elite Fitness)


Dixon Studio:

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Dixon, CA 95620

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