💥Great News For Our Community And Fitness Journey.


The gym, an escape and haven in the day-to-day lives of many in our community, has become yet another source of anxiety in the age of coronavirus.
In the U.S., health officials are urging people to practice social distancing. That could make spin classes, yoga, strength training and group class sessions seem more harmful than healthy. Yet many fitness fanatics crave exercise more than ever and want to forge forward, while taking precautions.
People should be exercising now more than ever. “When endorphin levels go up, it can counteract the stress response that is so damaging to the immune system.” Exercise also improves mental health. When you’re feeling down or stressed, exercise can put a smile on your face.”

I'm offering all our members and those in our community impacted by the Coronavirus (Covid-19), a 14 Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge free online with workouts, a nutritional plan, and coaching and accountability private page. This is open Free to everyone in our Community. Starting Monday March 23rd-April 6th.

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Those of you who are paying Members of our gyms and online training programs are helping me to be able to offer this to those in need, and I thank you for your loyalty and support personally and professionally.

It's because of you that We are able to stay home and create the videos and classes that we can offer to our Fitness Family and the Solano County Community that we love!

To get in on this!
Request to join our Facebook “Community Fitness Group”, Answer the 3 questions and we will add you.


Supporting our community,
Tracy Green Owner