Re-Opening Announcement and Policy


1) Masks are recommended but not required. We had custom masks made and are available for sale.  You can buy here:

•TheFactory Elite Fitness:

•Suspension House Fitness:



2) Please do not bring Family or Friends who are not there to workout.  Only Members who have booked their class may enter. 

Kid Zone is temporarily closed.


3) You must Book Your Class within 1 hour before attending.  


SHF REOPENING PLAN (June 15th is our targeted opening)



Our training sessions will have a maximum of 10 people because the size of our facilities.  These will be 30 minute classes with 15 minutes in between classes so we many sanitize and wipe down equipment. We have ramped up our training to keep the intensity very high to make it a very effective 30 minutes.

Classes require booking through SHF app 

Tentative Schedule (subject to change)


VV-Morning Schedule:





Evening Schedule:


Saturday- Closed (We will stream a 9am Zoom Class)

Online Classes will be available throughout the week as well


Dixon M-F





Evening Schedule: M-TH


Saturday- Closed (We will stream a 9am Zoom Class)

Online Classes will be available throughout the week as well - Schedule TBA



We appreciate your patience as we work through the reopening phase!





Now that our plan is laid out, we want to make sure you know about all of the additional health and safety precautions we are taking at TheFactory and Suspension House Fitness.


UPGRADED CLEANING SCHEDULE: Equipment will be thoroughly disinfected throughout the day after each use. We’ve allowed for more time between sessions so we are able to clean equipment and our facilities more effectively. This includes the regular cleaning of doorknobs, handrails, front desk area, and any other surfaces or objects (ex. pens) that are touched throughout the day. Our facility will also have a deep clean on a daily basis.]


UPDATED PROGRAMMING: We’ve updated our workout programming so you will be able to workout in your own dedicated space, via Shred2Fit.


INCREASED VENTILATION: We will keep the facilities well ventilated by opening the doors when appropriate.


HAND SANITIZER & DISINFECTING WIPES: These items will be readily available for your use throughout the gym.


MASKS: Our coaches and team will be wearing masks while they are at the facilities as long as it’s necessary.


TEAM HANDWASHING: Our coaches and team will be washing their hands when they arrive and leave for at LEAST 20 seconds, and also throughout the day after each class or coaching session. 






We are in this together, and we need YOUR help as we reopen to keep our facilities as safe as possible. 


  1. Workout Shoes Only: We are asking that everyone use gym shoes only (no street shoes) in the facilities. This will help avoid tracking in any germs or bacteria. Please bring a separate pair of sneakers that you only wear inside the gym. 

  2. **PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MAT(REQUIRED) Water Bottle and Towel

  3. Air High-Fives! As much as we LOVE high-fives in our classes, we’ll be doing air-high-fives for the time being. 

  4. Hand Washing: Please wash your hands (up to your elbows) for at LEAST 20 seconds BEFORE and AFTER your workout. 

  5. Keeping Equipment Clean: Please wipe down every piece of equipment after each use (with our provided disinfectant wipes). 

  6. Please Stay Home If You’re Not Well: If you’re not feeling 100%, please stay home and rest or participate in our virtual sessions until you are feeling better. (Our team will also be following this policy!)

  7. Please Avoid “Congregating” In Groups Before / After Class: We also are asking clients to avoid gathering in groups before, during, or after their workouts. Again, this is because of social distancing guidelines. If you arrive early for your workout, consider staying in your car until it’s time to come in.

  8. Masks are recommended however, not required during workout sessions.

  9. We are asking everyone to bring their own training mats.

  10. Coronavirus Waiver Addendum 

Please Print and Sign Waiver Addendum before you arrive to your first class